About Us

We bought the Optimist Café back in February, 2013 out of a love for cooking & baking (me), historic old homes (my husband) and to become a part of and support, the charming Yarmouth Port community. We have made many friends here over the last 3 years and enjoy every moment as we serve them their favorite dishes and catch up on each other’s lives.

Our goal is continuous improvement… so we started with renovating the building inside and out to make it warm and inviting and universally appealing. One of the most common questions we get is “what is the color of paint on the walls in the gallery?” (answer: it’s Queen’s Wreath, Benjamin Moore). Next, we focused on the menu by adding new scrumptious entrees and tasty seasonal specials. The second most common question we get is “are you going to open for dinner?” (answer: “not unless we want to lose our sanity!”) Our staff is critical to our success and to your experience, so we take care to train them thoroughly and keep our expectations very high. If your food or your service doesn’t meet your expectations, then we want to know.

Our mission is to consistently demonstrate our passion for people and our community by delighting our guests with exceptional fresh fare and outstanding service in our unique, comfortable surroundings. We also believe in going about our days with an attitude of optimism! Please be sure to ask for us the next time you stop in. We would love to meet you and continue to make new friends on the Cape, or from wherever your travels bring you.

Look forward to seeing you soon,
Kristina and Daryl Dittmer

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